Infrastructure and the Anthropocene

We view infrastructure as increasingly affected by several accelerating and uncertain forces. To ensure that infrastructure services are met into the future, the approaches and design of infrastructure must be responsive to these forces. Yet little training or formal education exists in how to ensure the viability of infrastructure as they are increasingly effected by these forces. We intend for our society to be at the forefront of preparing infrastructure for these challenges.

Emerging Technologies
The integration of cyber and physical systems appears to be accelerating and there persists a mismatch between the lifetimes of these systems.
Climate Change
The uncertainty associated with gradual change and extreme events represents a fundamental challenge for how we engineer infrastructure and protect those who rely on them when they fail.
Infrastructure appears to be a new territory for cyberwarfare, yet little to no training exists for how to protect systems from emerging threats.
Ideological Extremism
Navigating the continued development of infrastructure under increasing ideological views and stakeholders represents a new frontier for managers.
Financial Uncertainty
The maturation of infrastructure and the increasingly uncertain funding landscape means that managers must adapt to new models for strategic reconstruction.
The governance of infrastructure remains rooted in the past century at a time when new organizational approaches are needed for increasingly complex challenges.

Meet Our Network

We have assembled an interdisciplinary team of infrastructure leaders prepared to tackle the complex challenges of Anthropocene.